Creative Direction

Groupthink tendencies and behavior are quite arguably the number one deterrent for organizational growth. This psychological phenomenon is marked by decisions made and directions chosen that psychologically soothe the group as a whole. Groupthink works against organizational advancement by limiting possibilities and more often than not resulting in less than optimal decision making due to the fear (rather real or perceived) of any single individual being labeled as an outcast or outlier. In its simplest definition: groupthink is a form of self preservation for both the organization and the individual.

This survival mechanism does serve its purpose on a fundamental level, however, under certain environmental conditions this can lead to dire consequences in the short-, medium- and long-run for organizations both large and small. In some cases it can lead to the dissolution of the organization as whole. Change is always imperative for sustainability and sustained growth. It requires both micro and macro perspectives of the organization and tasks at hand.

We have experience working in diverse organizational atmospheres leading change in extremely sensitive and strategic manners in order to achieve organizational goals. This includes working from both bottom-up and top-down organizational assessment directions.

Creative direction provides an objective perspective of the current temperature of the organizational environment at large or related to specific goals. As a trusted extension of the organization, provided information can be considered and utilized as potential mechanisms for growth with no existential threat.

Creative Direction - Steamboat Springs, CO - Blueway Design, Inc.

The intersection of design, individual/organizational development and technology.